About Us

Haskalah Investment (RC: 1241169) Limited was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on the 10th of February 2015, as a wholly Nigerian owned company.

The formation of the company was in response to the enormous opportunities that exist in the Nigerian extractive industries particularly the mining of minerals and metals ores. The danger inherent in the overdependence on oil exports as Nigeria’s main (almost sole) revenue earner also has alerted the government to the need to diversify the economy in a way that would lead to the development of other viable sectors of the economy particularly mining and solid minerals development, agriculture and manufacturing.

We commenced business in the middle of the year 2016, with trading in Nigerian mineral ores locally. It has since entered into strategic trade partnerships discussions with some smelters in China, and is exploring opportunities in South Korea. In order to meet with the demands of the international market and control the flow of its supply chain, the company has bought over two leases rich in lead and zinc and currently negotiating the purchase of gold bearing leases in Nigeria.

We have an advanced lead/zinc exploration property in Wase in Plateau state and an early (lead/zinc) stage exploration property, Garau site in Taraba state. In addition, we are in the process of acquiring a concession in Bauchi and a Gold concession in Niger state.

Our dynamic and foresighted promoters of the company have been very participatory in the development of other economic initiatives in the country decided to exploit its knowledge of the Nigerian mineral terrain to set up a local company that will run with international spirit and meet international standards. Haskalah was then set up as that company that will give expression to the vision of the promoters of having a leading mining company locally and a renowned metals trader globally.

 Our Goal

Our Goal

Our mid-term goal is to set up beneficiation and smelting plants to produce refined pure metals; so as to attract premium pricing for our refined products and facilitate listing and trading opportunities on the international metal exchanges.

Our long term goal is to become a leading, sustainable and efficient mining company. We will achieve this through creating value for our shareholders by minimizing risks related to exploration, mining, and processing of our mineral resources and increasing efficiency. Our immediate focus is on Lead/Zinc production in Nigeria but we will diversify into other minerals particularly Gold, Tin and Nickel and countries over time.