Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Godwin TayapaGodwin Tayapa is one of Nigeria’s foremost “Bush Geologists”. After completing his Masters degree and a sterling career in Information Technology he has been an active participant in the Nigeria Solid Minerals Sector for over 10 years as a founder of a number of Exploration and Mining concerns . He became involved in solid minerals in Nigeria after witnessing the vast potential of the sector. He is the founder of Haskalah Investment amongst a number of other assets and has acquired and traded other mining and exploration concessions.

Godwin currently controls both Haskalah Investment Ltd and a Director with Kaynewa Earth Resources Ltd which hold very promising exploration licenses for Lead, Zinc, Copper and Barites and he works very closely with the Nigerian National Raw Materials and Exploration Agency.

The long years of active exploration work on his portfolio has established him as an invaluable resource base with reference to solid minerals in Nigeria. His core strength is acquisitions of leases(winning properties only).

Though originally from Northern Nigeria, Godwin has lived and worked between the United Kingdom and Nigeria over the last 15 years. It is his firm intention to create a medium scale near producing asset which will provide investors with early cashflow and significant upside.

Godwin Tayapa